Owner Operator Pay: How Much Does An Owner Operator Earn?

Owner Operator Pay: How Much Does An Owner Operator Earn?

A common question that we are asked is, “How much money does an owner operator make?”
That’s a very smart question to ask, if you’re thinking seriously about buying your own truck and trying your hand as a lease owner operator. It’s wise to find out if the owner operator’s salary meets your expectations.
We’ll review a few pay statements, to show the earnings and deductions from an owner operator contracted to haul tankers.
Tanker work is one of the specialized niches in the trucking industry. Liquid hauling is one of the better paying kinds of trucking.
We review the gross earnings, deductions, and show the net earnings, as well as the owner operator pay per mile….. a useful figure in calculating whether or not the earnings come close to meeting your financial needs.
Any questions, please post a comment and we’ll try to answer.

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