Stronga HookLoada HL180DT trailer transport – Features and benefits

Stronga HookLoada HL180DT trailer transport – Features and benefits

In the video, see the 18 tonne Stronga telescopic hook lift system working with hook lift containers to produce highly efficient and extremely productive heavy material transport. Stronga HookLoada HL180DT is multi-functional hook lift equipment that delivers unlimited versatility across a wide range of transport applications.

The HookLoada HL180DT hook lift system continues to provide improved efficiency for the professional operator with highly reliable year-round transport service.

The hook lift HL180DT is 100% Stronga made so you can be confident that the system is reliable, durable and extremely efficient. Stronga aim to build machines that have strength, working life and residual values over and above that of any other equipment available today. Unlike any other trailer, our hook lift system can pick up fully loaded containers from ground level, transport materials over large distances both on and off road, and tip out materials or offload containers back to ground level.

Stronga HookLoada HL180DT offers huge efficiency and flexibility improvements in material transport and storage. Discover how the hook lift system could benefit you and your business:
• Reduced fuel usage: with the associated cost savings and environmental benefits.
• Reduced capital requirement: one hook trailer with multiple containers costs less to buy than a number of single purpose trailers.
• Reduced maintenance costs: from operating a single high performance transport shuttle.
• Reduced tractors hours per year: from improved working efficiency, reducing tractor capital depreciation. There can also be a saving in the number of tractors required in transportation.
• Reduced labour costs: shuttling containers with 1 HookLoada improves efficiency. Rather than waiting during loading, the operator can drop of the empty container and pick it up when full.
• Reduced cycle times: ground demountable containers allow safer and faster loading of material or equipment. Container exchange only takes about 1 minute for minimal idle time.
• Flexible with potential: increased flexibility of working both on and off road, increasing opportunities for both transport cost reduction and profit generation.
• Transport and storage solution: loaded containers can be used as temporary storage.

In the video, see the features and benefits of the high capacity dual-axle hook lift system:
• Weight transfer on to and off of the drawbar allows various hook lift container lengths to be handled to suit requirements.
• Changing hook lift containers takes less than a minute with the unique ability to pick up fully loaded containers from ground. Stronga are always searching for ways to help the customer improve productivity and the rapid loading system is just one of our solutions.
• HookLoada performs a wide range of tasks – operating as a bulk trailer, vacuum tanker, flat trailer, dump trailer and many more – all by quickly, safely and easily changing containers.
• Class-leading 52° HookLoada Evo tipping angle ensures superb heaping ability and excellent material ejection, leading to reduced blockages and clean emptying.
• Hook lift box chassis is reinforced with a composite of carbon and Weldox high strength steels in high stress areas. HookLoada chassis steels maximise strength and durability while keeping the design light to optimise the payload.
• Ultra-low hook lift trailer roller height ensures a smaller uploading angle, leading to optimal cornering stability and a lower power requirement to upload containers.
• Proven, reliable and market-leading Nokian Country King radial tyres have a low in-tyre pressure which acts as natural suspension for comfort and high performance.
• Low tare weight (circa 5 tonnes) from the extensive use of Hardox and Weldox in the construction ensures optimal payload, maximum strength and durable performance.

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