Truck Driver Salary Pay Packages Just Don’t Cut It

Truck Driver Salary Pay Packages Just Don’t Cut It

We ventured out on a project, to investigate trucking companies pay packages for their company drivers.
We asked a series of questions everything from mileage rate, waiting time pay, drop & pick-up rate, benefit package, layover pay, slip seating, days off/month, miles/week expected and much more, in order to get a good overview of what the company offered the company driver.
We wanted to compare the various packages the various trucking companies offered.
We surveyed some of the huge North American trucking companies as well as some of the smaller carriers.
Wow, no wonder there’s a shortage of truck drivers! We aren’t yet nearly finished our project, but the responses we’ve been receiving, have some pretty scary undertones, that we don’t like.
Most trucking companies do not pay waiting time to their company drivers. Drivers can log dozens of hours per week, waiting to load, unload, circle checks, resets on the road etc., and all for free.
Furthermore, most of the carriers we spoke with weren’t too interested in getting a driver with over 35+ years experience, with a squeaky clean driving record on board…. they weren’t too familiar with their pay packages either. Really quite pathetic.
If they couldn’t treat a driver right during an interview and show some interest and respect, what would it be liked after he was signed up and on their payroll? I’m sure it would only get worse.
These companies need to get their ducks in a row and smarten up…. no wonder there’s a shortage of drivers.
So far, we are NOT impressed with the carriers we’ve spoken with… with the exception of one.
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