What to Expect Your First Year as a New Truck Driver

What to Expect Your First Year as a New Truck Driver

A new truck driver endures the most challenging part of his entire career, in their first year.
Just a few things the new trucker ought to be aware of, so you know what to expect in your first year.
The pay is often lower than a more experienced driver, the loads dispatched to new drivers aren’t usually premium loads, new drivers are often kept out on the road for very long periods of time, and sometimes trucking companies take advantage of new drivers.
This first year may be somewhat stressful, but is necessary to get in hours behind the wheel, and get experience to add to your resume. Trucking companies like to hire drivers with experience, so you may not have much choice when it comes to your very first job in the trucking industry.

After the first year, things should start to get better….. the driver will usually travel with his own company truck, and not as a team member/driver trainer, so become more independent.
The loads will be better and things will fall into place.

If you love to drive, hang in there… it’ll be worth it in the long run.

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